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I have been in healthcare for about four decades now. I have helped and contributed to healthcare in many ways over the years. My driving force is to help more, and find new and improved ways of helping.

I retrained in primary care so I can help to reduce hospital admissions. I improved on that by going back to university to study and becoming a prescriber. That meant I could help more people.

That was great but there is the challenge of the same people coming every month or every few months with the same old problems. I began to look at causative factors and how to keep people well for longer. That led me to functional diagnostic medicine. I started the training in FDM so that I can help people more. There are tests and assessments that we can do in FDM which do not fall into the general tests that are done in GP surgery or most hospital tests. The reason is that one is looking to treat symptoms and one is looking at a more holistic approach.

In functional diagnostic medicine, the idea is to get to the root cause of the disease and work with the patient to address it.

Our service combines the best of both worlds to achieve the best result. It takes into account the person and not just symptoms of a condition.

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